About The Yellow Factor Media

Yellow Factor Media is a company dedicated to help you establish and manage your online presence—smoothly, without hassle.

Running your own business is a challenge on its own. Maintaining a good online presence with a visual identity that matches your business message can be especially time-consuming and overwhelming.

Yellow Factor takes care of the social media management needs of your company, including content creation curation, brand strategy, and custom sales funnel.

Who can benefit from my services?

Yellow Factor Media is for anyone who needs to get the word out about their business. I connect your message with a fitting visual brand, as well as develop creative and attractive content for your social media so you can enhance your user engagement, authority, and visibility. This will in turn generate additional followers and, consequently, sales.

Companies who need to focus on the target audience and do brand positioning and activation. Bringing in and engaging new customers will make them committed to your brand


All kinds of entrepreneurs who need to manage social networks alone and in a professional way. Focusing on a better use of the media results in increased profits.


Bloggers, athletes, journalists, artists who need the spotlight on them. Increase engagement, win fans, and attract the attention of sponsors. Regular publishing will help you become an authority on your chosen field.


Would you like to increase your brand awareness through digital marketing?

Do you have tons of information about digital marketing? Have you downloaded hundreds of e-books but are still looking for personalized help, showing how to achieve your goals step by step?

Or do you have an online presence, but you lack the time or the skills to create the right content to make all this happen? Are there so many platforms you get overwhelmed?

Free Guide: Enhance your Brand and Attract more clients.

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My mission is to help your business stand out to reach your target audience, gain more fans, and develop a successful brand.