Nowadays we all have access to a wealth of information about digital marketing, webinars, videos, e-books, courses and more courses, but sometimes that’s not enough,
And this is the reality of many professionals who come to me, with content in hand, not knowing where to start, or how to apply the techniques, looking for someone to help in a personalized way, showing the appropriate step by step to achieve their goals.

That’s when my online consultancy proves useful.
I will assist you with your Online presence, Branding, Social Media strategy, and management, and Sales Funnel Strategy.
You can count on me to guide, support and motivate you in this journey, offering the tools so you can accomplish your objectives!

With the objective of helping entrepreneurs and to show in a simple, easy and practical way the best marketing strategies.

Having a website is putting your company on the internet.
Have an online presence is more than just have a website for your business.
 Online presence is a series of strategies to strengthen your brand creating credibility as a reference company, in the web environment, with the objective to be easily seen and found by your target audience.

Advantages of having an online presence:

  • Ease of being found by new clients;
  • Increase the credibility of the company;
  • Support for the current loyal customers;
  • Business growth through brand appreciation;
  • Development of marketing actions at a lower cost;
  • Dissemination of the works developed;
  • Extend your company’s visibility to a larger audience;
  • Greater interaction with your customers and Better understanding your target audience.

Choose your Plan

Pick a plan that best fits your business and goals. 

Social Media Strategy

 Create a Business Strategy for your online presence to increase your visibility and stand out in the crowded online industry. 

  • Social Media Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Growth Hacking

  • Branding Strategy
  • PR & Influencer Marketing

  • Content Strategy & Blogging

  • Email Marketing


Social Media Business Audit

This Social Media Marketing Audit includes a Report with:

  • A list of the Pros and Cons and points for improvement in your online presence.
  • Suggestions for improvement and digital strategy for your social media marketing.
  • How to optimize your social platforms and what platforms best fit your business.
  • A meeting to discuss the audit

Next steps to improve your online presence and digital marketing


LinkedIn Coaching

Create professional connections maximizing your visibility, to create opportunities that will allow you to acquire more clients.

LinkedIn is a very useful platform for professional networking
In this service, I take you through how to use LinkedIn strategically and effectively, I will help you optimize your Profile, make new connections, post and engage with the LinkedIn community and consequently, increase your business.
1:1 45-minute Consulting call
Where I will teach you how to reproduce the strategy to continue your success.

Free Guide: Enhance your Brand and Attract more clients.

The ultimate Guide to building an outstanding Online Presence and attract more clients.


What Our Costumers say

She's very helpful, with great Social Media strategy skills, to elevate your business, professional, and sincerely loves helping people! If you need a trusted coach, Charlene is the best person for the job!

Muhammad Usama

Charlene is an ambitious, talented and exceptionally skilled photographer, graphic designer, and social media manager. She has an impressive breadth of knowledge that spans multiple platforms and digital strategies.

Mary Simms